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Loading Dock Solutions: Dock Seals & Truck Shelters

Loading Dock Compression Seals

Compression dock seals provide a tight seal between the truck trailer and the loading dock opening.

Special dock seal designs are needed to accommodate different slopes and sizes of trailers. If you want the most clearance for forklift traffic and products, a tight seal for insulation and protection against fumes, dirt, dust, insects and other unwanted matter loading docks fitted with compression seals.

"Custom designed compression seals installed by Pitcairn Door fit loading dock applications for all types of trucks"

All units are equipped with yellow safety guide stripes to aid drivers in proper alignment of their trailer with the seal.

Specially designed ventilation holes and vent pockets provide fast air escape and recovery when units are compressed and decompressed by contact with trailer.

Special bonding of polyurethane foam to the frame make these seals durable long lasting performers.

Truck Shelters

Loading Dock Truck Shelter
Custom fabricated truck shelters allow full access of docked trailers, unlike a compression seal which may take up some space on the sides due to pads overlapping the truck opening. This could be critical in the unloading and loading of a trailer. Some merchandise absolutely needs full access to be handled with a forklift, therefore a truck shelter might be the perfect solution.

Full access rigid shelter has light transmitting panels on top and sides. It is made with 2" x 4" and 2" x 6" treated wood construction. Bumpers of heavy steel protect the unit. The header and vertical curtains have tempered spring steel stays and are made with vinyl reinforced fabric with heavy fabric overlays on high wear areas.

Pitcairn Door both sells and installs Rotary Products truck shelters and loading dock equipment. For a complete list of technical specifications and truck shelter options contact us at (412) 782-5701.

Vehicle Restraints

Nordock Truck Restraint
A truck restrain is designed to secure a trailer to a loading dock by engaging the trailer's rear impact guard with a large, rotating hook, which can be manually, mechanically, or electronically operated. Loading dock truck restraints ensure there is no movement between the loading dock and vehicle by securing the truck to the dock. This greatly improves safety for loading and unloading as well as avoiding potential damages to cargo, equipment, or the dock itself.

  • Non-impact design
  • Manual control bar actuation
  • Barrier automatically adjusts to truck movement during loading
  • Easy to operate
  • All weather zinc plated components for superior durability
  • 5 year structural warranty
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Housing encloses working parts from inclement weather and debris
  • Self cleaning guide track
  • Mounting force in excess of 100,000 lbs