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Transparent strip doors are used in high traffic areas to effectively cut energy costs, save time and promote safety. A series of flexible plastic strips permit rapid unrestricted passage, while simultaneously eliminating noise as well as isolating fumes and heated or air conditioned air.

"strip overlap and width can be an important decision to make if you want an efficient door"

We install TMI strip doors which are non - yellowing and available in multiple weights and widths. A special tinted material is available to enclose welding areas. For food processors, cold storage and freezer doors, a non-toxic USDA accepted polar material should be specified.
  • Exceptional Clarity
  • Full Spec Material
  • Made in the USA
  • Save Energy
  • Isolate Noise
  • Keep Fumes Out!
  • Keep Conditioned Air In
  • Smooth PVC strips
  • Ribbed PVC strips
  • Anti-Static PVC strips
  • Weld PVC strips
  • USDA PVC strips

High Speed Roll Up Doors

When it comes to security, convenience, and safety, high speed roll up doors are the perfect solution. Available in both steel and fabric, these doors are designed to rise and fall rapidly, ensuring that your warehouse or commercial garage is secure and streamlined. High speed rolling steel doors are perfect as warehouse doors, where speed and efficiency are paramount. Rapid roll fabric doors are a more affordable solution that help control warehouse environments while helping operators avoid costly door damage. Regardless of which roll up doors best suit your needs, our friendly and professional installation team can ensure that your high speed doors are expertly installed.

Our primary manufacturer for high speed roll up doors is ASI Technologies, a company with a peerless commitment to quality and professionalism. So if you are looking for the perfect high speed door solution, contact one of our customer representatives today!

Sliding Fire Doors

Sliding Fire Doors
Fire doors are an essential solution when safety and security is necessary. By using a sliding fire door as a service door, you can rest assured that you can impede the spread of dangerous fires if an emergency arises. These steel sliding doors are durable and efficient and are rated for the majority of applications that require commercial fire rated doors.

Our fire doors are manufactured by Chase, a company with a commitment to quality and durability. With a number of different sliding door applications to choose from, they can address a wide range of service door needs.

At Pitcairn Door, we understand that many fire and service door applications are unique. Every business requires a slightly different solution. So feel free to call one of our professional and courteous customer service representatives so that we can develop a fire door solution that fits your specific needs.